You have a company or a personal brand or a YouTube star and you are trying to promote it by uploading videos i.e video marketing. But even after spending a lot of money and time on making high quality video content, still you cannot see any exciting results. Why is this happening? What is my video lacking? Is video marketing right for my business. These questions will pop up in your mind. But don’t worry I have somethings for you in store.


Things to look after uploading a video (Youtube Analytics).

1. Who watches your video.

There are several things to see about a person who is watching your video. Men or women, Age group, Locality are some of them. We have to consider gender because such as you may think your content is for women but most of your viewers are men, then at such situation you can change your content to their need. Similarly for age group and locality.

2. How long do they watch the video.

Find out how long they watch your video. This will help you analyse whether the length of the video is right for the type of content you produce. If people are leaving the video at half then you must try shortening the video or you can make parts of the video. People who come to consume content do not stay for long at one place so try to make videos of right size and be precise. Never waste the time of your viewers.

youtube analytics

3. Click Through Rate (CTR)

Click Through Rate (CTR) is the frequency of the viewers to click the link provided by you. If click-through rate is more, then it gives you indication that your viewers are keen on knowing your product. This links can be used as cards or you can add your link of your website or product in description. But do mention in the video that there is a link to your product in description. This is one of the reason, visitors do not get converted into customers. To learn How to add card in your Youtube

Youtube Cards
youtube cards

4. Find what content people are interested in your video.

This can be found out by seeing which part of the content viewers are watching the most. Then you can use this data to make those type of content. Researches have shown that people share content with pride when they like the video has good content. I have seen many video creators do this mistake. They make high quality content but on what? They make contents which they think will be helpful but never observe viewers move.

5. Where are people going after watching your video.

This is the mistake many do and then cry about that they are not converting any viewers to customers. They do not have any call to action on it. Call to action can be anything from cards, link in description, number or e-mail flashing in the video. Refraining from doing so will lead to your viewers move to your competitors. So you should check where your viewers are moving from your video.

6. Engagement and Feedback.


You have done all the optimisation you are getting all the initial traffic but after sometime the traffic decreases. Why is it so? It’s the comments section that you are ignoring. Your viewers have some views about your content and they will also tell you about how they want your content to be. When you reply to their comments they feel honoured about it. This makes them happy and they have a potential of becoming a prospect and eventually a customer. They are the ones who share your content. Bad reviews are the best because these comments help you identify where you are going wrong.

If you have any doubt or just want to say hi then do comment below, I will be happy to help you!!!

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What analytics to look after publishing your Youtube video ?

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