First off all, Apple retail stores are everywhere. Across the globe, Apple has 499 retail stores spread across 22 countries with a world recognised Customer service. As a result, Apple’s retail infrastructure provides a welcome layer of convenience for users who need to bring a product in to be examined. This is infinitely more helpful than the alternative other companies provide — tech support via the phone.

Steve stole some World class Customer Service techniques from Ritz-Carlton

The RitzCarlton Hotel Company, LLC is an American company that operates the luxury hotel chain known as The RitzCarlton. The company has 98 luxury hotels and resorts in 30 countries and territories. They are well renowned for their perfect customer service. Every person working there has a small paper in their pocket. This contains the 3 basic but golden rule of their fabulous customer service. Below are the 3 rules.

Ritz carlton

1. Start with a warm welcome.

Try to welcome your customers by using their name. When the customers hear their name they feel more friendly. This will increase the love of the customers towards your brand. Also give a smile while greeting your customers. Smile will help you a lot when you don’t know the name of your customer.

Customer service

2. Empower your Employees.

This might sound odd to some of the industries out there. Once I heard a story of my friend who visited the Ritz Carlton of Hawaii. He told that he was made to wait there for an hour with his family. When they had finished eating and were about to leave, the waiter there arranged a small desert party for his family and also arranged a car for them. When his father asked the waiter why was he doing so, the waiter replied “We are extremely sorry Mr. Shah that we made you waiting and I am empowered to make these decisions”. Same is true with Apple Employees. They are empowered to take certain decisions. They on their own depending on the situation can replace the defective piece of mobile with a new one.

Customer service

3. Fond farewell.

Give your customers a warm farewell. Also try to take their name if possible. A fond farewell is important because in several researches it is proven that customers tend to remember the last lines more. So the things you say during farewell is very important as it will make or break your brand. Apple does the same they also give an invitation to return. This is way better than up selling. Here a long relationship is maintained and this helps their brand get a premium look. Try to have an emotional contact with them. Show that you feel bad when your customers leave you and you will be the most happy person when they return.

customer service

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The Secrets of Apple’s fabulous Customer Service.
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