Basic benefits of having website?

If you have a business & if you don’t have a website then you are probably in the stone age. We are in an informational era where people turn on to internet for every small piece of information. So if your website is having that information then you will be in the minds of your customers and you will sometimes get unpaid promotion. This I have mentioned in my Content Marketing blog. There is a possibility that we would see a shift from information era to experience era. This would be explained in future Blog.

How websites would help you improve your business?

1. Cost Effective

In a research it is found out that it is less costly to advertise your business online than offline. Also the ROI that we get from online marketing is far more than offline. The cost of making a website is also cheap.

2. Sense of Trust

If a business has a website, it is considered by the customers as an appropriate business. This arises a feeling of Trust in their minds. Making a customer trust in your business is a great achievement. They will also proudly and happily recommend you to others. This will increase your sale.

3. Recognition

Many small businesses think that websites are only for large brands who want to have a large reach. But it’s not this way. Websites are also for small businesses. They can have their websites for local recognition. The fact is that if a person is searching for a product locally then chances of your website coming up is high compared to larger brands.


4. 24/7 Open

Your website will work for you even when you are done for the day. Your customers can buy your products even when your closed. You just have to appropriately describe your products in your website and the website will do it’s miracle.

5. Online Banner

Your website works as an online banner for your business. If your website contains good information about your business then the people scanning the internet for information will get attracted to your business and in turn will get converted from prospects to customers

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6. Blogs

Having a blog in your website will increase S.E.O of your website. SEO(Search Engine Optimization) is a term which relates to increasing ranking of your websites. Also when you regularly post  information on your website then this shows customers that you properly know about your field and they will have a trust in you in doing business with you. Click below to enjoy hosting service

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7. Networking.

Find other businesses on Instagram which are related to yours.I would like to explain you this with an example. Let us take Pharmaceutical market. This market contains machine manufacturers,drug manufacturers,Pharmaceutical magazines,etc. So if all these above businesses collaborate then more customers can be acquired. Also as these businesses are in same market with similar Customer-profile with no competition,they can help each other grow.

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8. Increase in Engagement.

Do you know that you can use a website to increase engagement? Website contains options like comments, contact forms, social media links,etc. You can ask your customers to share their problems/queries here and you can answer them. This improves customer service.

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There are many more reasons to have a website. If you have any query or want to know in particular how a website can help your business grow then comment below and I’ll try my best to help you.

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