What is Viral Marketing ?

Viral Marketing is a method where in consumers are encouraged to share information about a company’s goods or services via the Internet.The aim of this type is to make exponential growth.This type of marketing is meant to spread like a virus from one person to another.

Various methods to do Viral marketing.

1. You can use your product and do a prank in public.

L.G made an elevator prank. The video they made received more than 30 million views. They received a lot of fame for this

2. You can do something different to get peoples attention.

RedBull is the master in doing this. First with Paper Plane competition then with Soap box cars and now with Space Jump

3. Taking a pie from what’s already Viral

There’s a safety video made by the government. The video was made on the famous game “Dumb Ways To Die”.The original video had around 150 million views. People were willing to watch and share it several times.

4. Make use of interesting technologies.

Coca-Cola also uses VR technology. They made a Christmas VR video. In the video they showed Santa’s ride during Christmas. This received a lot of word of mouth & increased sales tremendously


In short Viral Marketing is used when you want to have an exponential growth. This type of marketing requires a lot of market research and a creative approach

What is Viral Marketing ?
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