Why to choose Instagram Marketing?

Instagram has a user-base of around 850 million monthly active users. It provides great tools to reach your target audience.Here you can engage more closely with your audience. Here relationship is created with your customers. People nowadays use Instagram more than Facebook. This is the reason why marketers should give Instagram a try. To know more about statistics.

How to effectively do Instagram Marketing?

1. Use business tools

It provides various tools for businesses. Some features include ‘Call-To-Action’ button i.e allowing users to email, call or text the business. Instagram also provides Insights,which is the analytics. In this way you will know about how your customers interact with your business.Using this you can sell more.

Instagram marketing

2. Post in a timely manner

You should post on Instagram frequently.You should decide the frequency of your post. Post on a particular time and analyse it. If results are good then go on else try posting some other time. You should also first know your target audience properly. You can post any pic related to your business

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3. Interact with audience to increase relationship.

Someone takes the time to leave a comment on your posts. Take two seconds to reply and thank them. That simple engagement can create a loyal customer as well as an unpaid promoter of your brand.You can also use the method in which your ask your followers to Tag atleast 2 of their friends who may be benefited from this post or come up with some creative ideas.

4. Use Hashtags # which are viral for your business.

People regularly check hashtags of topics which they like  on Instagram. You can find such # and while posting use these hashtags. In this way more people will come to know about your business.

5. Collaborate with other Instagramers.

Find other businesses on Instagram which are related to yours.I would like to explain you this with an example. Let us take Pharmaceutical market. This market contains machine manufacturers,drug manufacturers,Pharmaceutical magazines,etc. So if all these above businesses collaborate then more customers can be acquired. Also as these businesses are in same market with similar Customer-profile with no competition,they can help each other grow.

Instagram marketing

Note :

There is an easy method to increase followers on Instagram. The method is called ‘Follow for Follow’. In this method businesses follow people in bulk and in return some follow back. “PLEASE DON’T USE THIS METHOD”. When you randomly follow others then your follower base will also be random. Having a random follower base is of no practical use.

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How to use Instagram for marketing your business?

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